Natvia is Australia and New Zealand’s leading natural sweetener. It is a great tasting stevia sweetener, sweet like sugar but with 97% less calories, zero sugar content and zero GI (suitable for diabetics)!
Natvia is a complete sugar replacement suitable for coffee/tea, cooking, baking, dessert soups.

40 Stick Box

This contains 40 individual sticks of Natvia. Each stick equals 1 teaspoon of sugar. Great for coffee or tea.

Canister 200g

Multi-purpose use for the home: coffee, tea, cooking, baking, dessert soups

Tablets 200 pcs

Convenient packaging for those who want to bring Natvia out to cafes and restaurants

Baking 700g

Economic packing for better value, baking purposes and larger families

Icing Canister 200g

Powder form of Natvia suitable for cold drinks, frosting/icing on top of cakes and all other Natvia uses.