Fewster’s Farm has been producing high quality Australian honey for over 100 years, currently run by 4th generation Fewster


Organic Jarrah Honey with Total Activity

FF Jarrah honey Organic TA 10+

FF Jarrah honey Organic TA 20+

FF Jarrah honey Organic TA 30+

Jarrah honey is a rare and precious honey because Jarrah trees (over 30m tall) flower only once every 2 years and grow only in Western Australia. This honey is organic certified, great tasting, low GI (suitable for diabetics) and has high activity ratings: TA10+, TA20+ and even TA30+.

Organic Raw Honey

Raw Honey 1kg (Glass)

Raw Honey 1kg (PET tub)

Fewster’s Farm honey organic blend combines the best of Western Australian honeys such as Wandu, Banksia, Red Gum and Karri. To achieve organic certification means that the honey must be free of chemicals and pesticides and harvested in a clean and natural environment.